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Youth & Cultural Program LOGO CONTEST

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The Youth and Cultural Program is aiming to have their own logo and is opening a competition for all youth from PTFN.

The winner will receive a prize of $250.00

Here are some tips:

Try to only include one main idea in the logo.

Showing an ‘action’ is better than something static. (Showing a person doing something is much better than a person just standing there) 

Include in the logo what is the most unique, and most important idea about the subject. 

Do research. Look up examples of your logo ideas online for inspiration. (For example if you google ‘eagle fish logo’ and click on the ‘images’ tab, you will see lots of examples.) 

The logo could be used on all kinds of things and we want to make sure it looks as good on a T-shirt as it does on a sign. Here are some things to keep in mind: 

Simpler shapes are better. 

Use 3 colours or less. 

The text is part of the logo – don’t forget to design how the text should sit next to the image. 

This contest will run until Friday December 11, 2020. Please e-mail your logo designs to or drop them off at reception at the PTFN Band Office.

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