Band Manager


The First Nation has appointed Vernon Alook as the Band Manager. Vernon is the a member of the First Nation and has been working in the Lands Department. 

Vernon can be reached at the Band office
Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at (780) 869-3985.


Band Manager - Vernon Alook

The principal function of a Band Manager is to act as the administrative lead of the First Nation and to ensure all resolutions and bylaws of council are carried out efficiently and effectively. The Band Manager is also responsible for the financial wellbeing of the Nation and to make sure that Budgets are being followed.  The Band Manager serves as the link between council, which sets policy, and administration, which implements policy

Director of Emergency Services - Jason Wigton

The Director Emergency Services has primary responsibility for leading, managing and directing the Emergency Services department to support the Nation’s Emergency Services, the Director of Emergency Services also has the lead role in any disaster scenario. As a member of the Senior Leadership Team, this senior leadership role establishes strategic direction and alignment with the organization. The Director advises, influences, and informs the Chief & Council of the operations, affairs and direction of the department.

Capital Assets Manager - Jason Wigton

The Manager of Capital Assets is responsible for all accounting processes and reporting for the Nation’s assets, capital expenditures, land development, infrastructure and utilities


The CEO is responsible for developing and effectively implementing the vision for the company ensuring the appropriate program design and support mechanisms are in place. Operating within an environment of sometimes conflicting political and stakeholder influence, the CEO maintains a careful balancing act on the basis of sound practices and policies.