Membership Inflation Relief Benefit

March 1, 2023 Membership Inflation Relief Benefit The cost of living such as fuel, groceries, shelter and clothing have increased dramatically in recent months placing financial and mental health burdens on families and individuals. Peerless Trout First Nation will be providing financial relief to members to combat the effects of Inflation. Each registered PTFN member […]

Election – Appeal Decision & Updates

On November 10, Norman Okemow withdrew his appeal of the election of Gilbert Okemow as Chief.  The appeal of Andrew Orr of the election of Corrine Alook as Councillor will be held on November 21 at 10:00 am at the KTC Administration Building – CFS conference room, 100 Main Street, Slave Lake Alberta.  Lorne J […]

PTFN Trust Vote Results – October 28, 2022

Total Votes = 425        Pass with Simple Majority = 51% (or 217 Votes) “Do you approve of this budget proposed by the council and that these programs and services be paid for out of the Net Income of the Trust?”   Yes No Blank Spoiled General Policy: When funds allocated to the program are not […]