Land Code Development Committee

There is one more spot to fill and the deadline is December 30th. Invitation to join the Land Code Development CommitteeWe are recruiting five (5) Peerless Trout First Nation members, including youth, elders, leaders, businessperson(s), to lead in the development of the Peerless Trout First Nation Land Code! We are now seeking PTFN Members that […]

Christmas Hampers & Toys for PTFN

Peerless & Trout Community Members can apply for a hamper & toys, off reserve members can apply for a $150. Sobeys gift card. More info on the poster.


Peerless Trout First Nation Please be advised that beginning November 8, 2021, Alberta Transportation Surveyors will be in the communities of Peerless Lake and Trout Lake to begin to flag the new right of way for the pavement upgrade to Highway 686. If you have any questions in regards to the flagging and upgrading please […]

Trust Amendment Prize Winners

Trust Amendment Vote – Prize Winners Thanks to Bernice Houle, Ester Netowastanum, Holly Okemow, Noreeen Okemow and Linda Noskiye for assisting with the draws for each of the prizes. Mail in door/door advance ballot – $250.00 Visa Winner – Peter Noskiye Visa Gift Card – $250.00 Winner – Elsie Rita D’or IPAD Winner – Rose […]

Trust Vote Amendment – Monday

The community and Red Earth poll stations for the PTFN Trust Amendment vote are open!  Come by to cast your ballot any time between 8:00 am and 9:00 pm. Every eligible voter who casts their ballot will receive a $150 gift card and have a chance to win one of 2 great prizes! Poll stations […]

Trust Amendment Vote – Information for Monday

“Thanks to everyone who participated in the Advance polls for the PTFN Trust Amendment Vote. If you haven’t voted already, you can cast your ballot tomorrow, Monday, October 4, 2021, at one of the community poll stations:  Red Earth Creek Community Hall 8:00 am – 9:00 pm – off-reserve members only. Peerless Lake Community Hall […]


If you live in the Peace River area or are visiting Peace River today you can cast your ballot in the PTFN Trust Amendment Vote at the Peace River advance poll station located at the Best Western Hotel & Suites 8016-99 Avenue, Peace River. The advance poll will be open from 3:00 pm to 8:00 […]

Slave Lake – Trust Amendment – Update

The Slave Lake advance poll station for the PTFN Trust Amendment Vote will close at 9:00 pm. Thank you to all the eligible voters that have stopped by to cast their ballot. For those of you who haven’t there’s still time! Not only will you receive the $150 gift card, but your name will also […]