Peerless Trout First Nation

Official Name: Peerless Trout First Nation

Number: 478

Membership Authority: Section 10 Band

*Election System: Custom Electoral System

*Council Quorum: Please contact the First Nation for the quorum information.



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Corrine Alook


Corrine Alook is a PTFN Council member who was elected in the last election.  She has lived in the community all her life where she was employed with the Peerless Lake School for 22 years.  Corrine has been a very active member of the PTFN Volunteer Fire Department is also a volunteer for our fire department where she provides countless hours of her own time outside her work as a Council member. Corinne decided to run for Council so that she could give back to the community and help the community members. She is enjoying her time as a Council member and learning about governance and accountability to membership.

Corrine as a vision for her First Nation which is to see the community continue to develop so that it will it will prosper and grow.

Paul Houle


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Judy Sinclair


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Julianne Noskiye


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