Trust Program

What is the Trust Advisory Committee?

We are excited to announce the establishment of the Peerless Trout First Nation Trust Advisory Committee, a pivotal addition to our community’s Trust governance structure aimed at enhancing transparency, accountability, and effectiveness in the delivery of trust programs and services. This committee consists of PTFN Members living off and on reserve who will provide recommendations and advice to the Trustees on new trust programs, as well as, recommendations for enhancing or decommissioning current programs using their wisdom and community feedback.

The committee is creating a structured process for requesting, selecting and improving trust programs ensuring every item put forward for member voting has been considered to the greatest benefit of all members. Stay tuned for more information and a call out for new Trust Programs soon!

Rachel Orr

Committee Member - CHAIR

Rachel is originally from Trout Lake, she now resides and works in Peace River as an LPN for over 10 years focusing on Acute Care and has just transitioned to Home Care for Alberta Health Services. She is a wife, mother of two, nurse and most importantly a band member of PTFN.
She is eager to join the Trust Advisory Committee for a number of reasons: to be a voice for off-reserve band members that felt the trust programs weren’t being utilized to their maximum potential to benefit all members no matter where they live, to express observations from over the years from an off-reserve angle. She is also excited to feel more a part of our Nation in some way and serving on the committee will help bring a feeling of belonging.

Selina Noskiye

Committee Member - Secretary

Selina grew up in Peerless Trout First Nation, and has been a resident of Slave Lake for the last seven years. Driven by her deep love for her home community, she decided to put her name forward for the Trust Advisory Committee as she saw this as a perfect opportunity to give back to her community by utilizing her unique perspective and life experiences. Selina is incredibly honoured to be given this position to serve and be a voice for others.
Selina is a business owner and a valued employee of the Town of Slave Lake. In her spare time, Selina enjoys spending time with her family, exercising, reading and learning.

Dorothy Alook

Committee Member

Dorothy Alook is a member of Peerless Trout First Nation currently working for the Nation and living in the community. She is a mother, grandmother and a foster parent.
She has always been interested in this item since we became a First Nation, so when the opportunity arose for her to submit her name to join the committee, she did. She is eager to contribute her skills, experience and passion to the committee’s important work and believes that her background lines up well with the committee’s important objectives.

Mary Cardinal

Committee Member

Mary Cardinal is a member of Peerless Trout First Nation who now resides in Slave Lake with her husband and children. Mary works in finance and has joined our committee in hopes to contribute positively to our community’s trust programs so that all beneficiaries can benefit from the Trust Programs. Her passion for making a difference and her commitment to service make her a valuable addition to our team.

Helen Starr

Committee Member

Helen Starr is a dedicated member of the community, serving as the Director of the Healing Centre. Originally from Peerless, she returned home in 2018 after pursuing education and work opportunities elsewhere. As a mother of four adults and grandmother of seven, family holds a special place in her heart.

Helen finds fulfillment in her role, expressing, “I love my job because it gives me the opportunity to show my community my care and devotion to their well-being.” Her passion lies in working individually with people and reconnecting with the community she holds dear. Helen is committed to serving the people of PTFN and extending a helping hand to anyone in need. Helen adds “I will do my utmost to work for the benefit of the people of PTFN and also to any person who needs my help. God bless PTFN.”


The purpose of the committee/What it is established to do:

The PTFN Trust Advisory Committee “TAC” is accountable to Trustees to ensure a structured process to request, select and improve trust programs and services, where their wisdom and leadership can be used to develop and better deliver the PTFN Trust Programs and Services to the highest benefit to all PTFN members.

The committee will:

  • Ensure the programs and services delivered are efficient, effective and that program improvements are identified and addressed in a proactive manner
  • Provide open and transparent communication regarding the Trust
  • Be a channel for new ideas for trust programs
  • Review and elevate ideas presented to Trustees for the best interest of the


  • Ensure balance in access to Trust programs for all PTFN members (both on and

    off reserve) when possible.
    The committee shall make recommendations to Trustees regarding:

The committee shall make recommendations to Trustees regarding:

  • New, ongoing and decommissioning programs and services
  • Resource allocations (funding) for programs, which includes prioritization amongst

    programs if necessary.

  • Options for improving the delivery of programs and services
  • Review and recommend amendments (if needed) to the TAC Terms of Reference