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PTFN Trust Vote Results – October 28, 2022

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Total Votes = 425        Pass with Simple Majority = 51% (or 217 Votes)

“Do you approve of this budget proposed by the council and that these programs and services be paid for out of the Net Income of the Trust?”

General Policy: When funds allocated to the program are not fully used in each calendar year, they may be rolled over to next calendar year for that program.64%8%27%0%
Minor Hockey
Increase budget from $45,200 to $50,00062%17%20%1%
Expand scope to include more youth sports; direct this program will be administered by the Nation’s Trust Staff moving forward.64%11%24%1%
Funeral Support
Increase budget from $40,000 to $70,00083%6%10%1%
Expand scope to cover other costs/supports (Catering, grief support, travel etc.)69%5%24%1%
High School Diploma
Increase budget from $66,000 to $100,00077%7%15%1%
Expand the scope and flexibility: any educational institution can be used; include high school, foundational grades and college preparation; no limit on number of students; and no limit on number of courses.67%4%28%1%
Change eligible age from 17 to 18 years or older52%12%35%1%
Medical Emergency
Clarify how funds are allocated to a family (add definition of: next of kin/identified executor/closest family member who is supporting)82%4%13%1%
Clarify that either patient and/or the family member supporting them must be a PTFN member64%9%26%1%
Increase budget from $20,000 to $70,00081%4%13%1%
Change the definition of an Elder to identify an age (60 years or older), expand the scope and flexibility to cover all costs to support Elders participation in meetings on the behalf of PTFN69%7%23%1%
Increase budget from $70,000 to $100,00076%8%15%1%
Expand the scope of the program to not only pay student wages but other costs associated with the program66%8%25%1%
Treaty Days
Increase budget from $50,000 to $100,00070%20%8%2%
Expand scope to add youth (under 16) programming77%10%12%1%
Emergency Services
Increase budget from $311,500 to $486,500  to fully cover one full-time  RCMP officer/housing, and Emergency Service administrative assistant85%10%4%1%
Homemaker Program
Increase budget from $39,120  to $65,000 to address Elder needs, increasing costs, and additional part time staff (handy-person)85%8%6%1%

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