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PTFN Election Code

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Customary Election Regulations of the Peerless Trout First Nation

WHEREAS the Peerless Trout First Nation (“PTFN”) has the inherent Aboriginal right as a First Nation to govern relations among its Members and between the PTFN and other governments; and

WHEREAS the adoption of these Customary Election Regulations is an exercise of the Aboriginal right of the PTFN to self-government and nothing in these Customary Election Regulations shall be construed as to abrogate or derogate from any Aboriginal rights of the PTFN; and

WHEREAS the culture, values, and development of the PTFN is best advanced by the values of democracy and the selection of leadership on the basis of democratic Elections; and

WHEREAS the customs and laws of the PTFN in regard to governance have been established with the consent and participation of the Members of the PTFN; and

WHEREAS the customs and traditions of the PTFN require democratic, fair and open Elections for Chief and Council;

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