PTFN Election Code

Customary Election Regulations of the Peerless Trout First Nation WHEREAS the Peerless Trout First Nation (“PTFN”) has the inherent Aboriginal right as a First Nation to govern relations among its Members and between the PTFN and other governments; and WHEREAS the adoption of these Customary Election Regulations is an exercise of the Aboriginal right of […]

The Peerless Trout First Nation – Land Use Plan

Have your say and contribute to the Peerless Trout Nation – Land Use Plan PTF is seeking your input; accepting comments & suggestions until April 30, 2022 Please contact Vernon Alook, PTFN Lands Manager Email:

I was named as a COVID-19 Contact. What do I need to know?

About COVID-19 COVID-19 is caused by a virus which belongs to a large family of viruses called coronaviruses. It is a new strain of coronavirus that has not been found in humans until now. Most people with COVID-19 only get mild illness (like the common cold) but some get more severe illness (like pneumonia). Elders […]

Community Meeting

Purpose of the Meeting These are band resources Keeping the members informed Provide facts These are band resources Employment In Alberta Business Too much equipment Excessive Lease burden Not enough revenue to cover the costs Unable to dig yourself out of the problem – Better to start over. A Plan Forward Stop the losses Protect […]

School Renaming Contest

We are pleased to announce the winner for the school re-naming contest. Congratulations to Daralyn Okewmow for winning this contest and naming our school the “Elizabeth Quintal School.” Ms. Quintal was a cook at the previous school and was a respected Elder for many years. Darlayn will win a cash prize equivalent to a weekend […]

Founding Members List Update – May 2020

PTFN Founding Members List As you are aware there are a number of PTFN members who are on our “Founding Members” list that are currently registered with another First Nation. There are over 100 hundred members who were to change their registration from their previous First Nation to Peerless Trout First Nation. In order to […]

Maternal Information & Supplies

Peerless Trout First Nation is making every effort to bring in infant formula and infant supplies during the COVID 19 crisis. These supplies will be distributed by the Health Centre and not the Emergency Food Services Centers.  Should you require assistance with infant requirements or have any questions please contact Amy Yellowknee at the PTFN […]