Peerless Trout Enterprises Inc.

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Welcome to the Peerless Trout Enterprises Inc.
Peerless Trout Enterprises Inc. was created in 2014 to manage the business development interests of the Peerless Trout First Nation. The company is 100% Nation owned and is governed by an independent Board of Directors who follow the strategic directions of the Chief and Council who in turn, act as shareholders for the interest of the Nation members. Peerless Trout Enterprises Inc. follows a mandate to support the benefit and interests of the Nation in the areas of economic development, employment, and training. 

The company currently has active interests in the areas of oilfield construction and maintenance, logging, firefighting, and consultation. Our goal is to provide a business platform for Nation members and contractors to gain local employment, training, and exposure to economic development opportunities and the business community. As economic and industrial activities occur in the Peerless Trout First Nation Traditional Territory, we look to work with industry partners to identify business opportunities that benefit both the Nation and the organizations who work within our Territory. This includes providing competitive local services and knowledge of the area, its resources and its people.

Service Lines

Civil Earth Works



Oilfield Services




Profitable & Sustainable

Engage in business opportunities to generate profits that are returned to the Nation on a sustainable basis for the betterment of the community for years to come. 

Employment of Local Community Members 

Peerless Trout Enterprises Inc. wants to create long term, rewarding employment for the people in the local community. Our objective is to provide meaningful employment and training opportunities for our Nation members that will translate to the potential for new or expanding career pathways.  

Support Local Contracting

When projects arise that need a contractor, Peerless Trout Enterprises Inc.  will always look first to the local talent in the area before searching for outside contractors. By supporting these entrepreneurs of the community we support more than a faceless company with bottomless pockets; we support families, sending children to hockey practice, and increasing the services that we as a community can provide to industry.

Become an Industry Leading Service Provider Within Our Traditional Territory 

One of Peerless Trout Enterprises Inc.’s main goals is to become an industry leading work team within our traditional territory. We want to become known for our hard work, quality service and professionalism. We want people to remember our people for their outstanding work in the field, in the office or over the phone. This goal is becoming reality everyday as our team continues to grow and improve with every new project and every new hire.