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We all have now come to the realization that COVID-19 is not going away any time in the near future and that we must continue our efforts to continue to minimize the risk of an outbreak within the Peerless Lake and Trout Lake communities. You are probably aware cases are still rising in Alberta and we are seeing more cases getting closer to the communities. To be proactive PTFN will be implementing some new measures to help spread the COVID-19 virus.

As of September 2, 2020, the following will be new protocols for PTFN and its visitors.

  1. All PTFN Administration & Health staff will have mandatory COVID-19 re-testing and this will continue monthly until Provincial numbers decrease or a vaccine is found.
  2. New contact tracing forms for anyone entering into the Communities that will include temperature monitoring for anyone entering the communities. All non-residents showing an elevated temperature or signs of COVID-19 will be asked to return to their place of origin. Community members entering with an elevated temperature will be asked to contact 811 and stay isolated until their test results have been returned negative.
  3. All PTFN offices will have a mandatory mask wearing policy. (Masks will be provided, if you do not have one)
  4. During curfew hours 12:00 am to 6:00 am there will be a restriction from non-residents entering the communities. Those that reside in Peerless Lake, Trout Lake or essential/emergency services will have access.

As the pandemic continues the First Nation will continue to monitor the situation and will assess the need to rescind or heighten the restrictions in place.

We encourage all residents to remain following the Alberta Health Guidelines for Social Distancing, wear a mask when possible and wash your hands often.

COVID-19 testing is also available for all residents and you do not need to be showing signs of COVID-19 (Asymptomatic) to have the test done. Please call the Health Center if you would like to get a test. If you are having symptoms please call 811 or visit

To date there have been no cases in the communities and we as leadership, administration and health are working diligently to keep the communities and membership as safe and healthy as possible.

Thank you

Jason Wigton

Director of Emergency Services

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