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Message from the Band Manager – COVID -19 Update – March 18th – 6:30 PM

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 Good Evening,

We are asking that all community residents and PTFN members have patience
with everything that is going on in regards to the State of Local Emergency. I,
along with Chief & Council are focusing on keeping the communities healthy
and safe. This event, however, something that the world hasn’t seen and no one
person has all the answers. We are learning every day, every hour on how COVID
19 is spreading and any precautions that are needed. As you have likely seen
and heard in the news, on TV and on social media how much of an effect this is
having on our world and even today when we even heard today this is going to
get worse before it gets better.  As of
6:00 pm March 18, 2020 this are the current statistics.

In addition to the State of Local Emergency initiated by Peerless Trout
First Nation there is also the Alberta Health Emergency and that we need to
follow these rules as it is a unlawful offense and persons may be charged. This
includes all large gatherings meetings, public events, church gathering,
funeral gathering. All Public facilities closed Recreation centers, libraries
etc. All schools in the Province are closed.

Please be respectful to all the workers that are helping with Check
points, information packages, food & health. All of these members are doing
this to keep the communities and your families safe.

We will update you as often as possible with any new information that
comes out and any changes to the State of Local Emergency. We ask that you
follow all the Health guidelines and stay home, keep children at home, limit
personal contact and keep Social distancing and wash your hands. Again, it will
take the Nation to make this work and control as best we can.

Jason Wigton

Band Manager and Director of Emergency Services.

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