Departments & Org Chart


The administration of Peerless Trout First Nation.




Finance Department works hard to ensure all the financial documentation is in order. They were given “Best Practice” in 2015 Audit. 



The housing department strives to meet the needs of membership by offering a variety of programs and services. 

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Trust & Post Secd. Education

Trust Fund Programs that are approved by the community become real programs and services.  Post Secondary Education program. 

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The health department offers many services to the PTFN community such as home care, medical transfer, dental visits and more.

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Administration & Membership

Band Administrative assistant to C&C. Membership clerk to keep track, provide birth certificates and help the members of PTFN. 

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Chief & Council

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The elected governance team at PTFN. 
Two councils per community.
One Chief. 

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Organization Chart

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