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July 12th, 2021

Re:       SCIS    (Secured Certificate Indian Status)

Good afternoon,

I am now able to help PTFN members fill out the applications and take the photo for the new status card (SCIS).

Please note, I do not issue the status card here at the administration office. I can only help fill out the application and I take the photo and send it to Ottawa to be processed.

Status card will be mailed to your mailbox and can take up to 3 to 6 weeks.

This card has security features on it so in order to fill out your application,

I will need a copy of:  

  • your photo identification (photo identification has to match your registered name, the list that Indigenous Service Canada provides)

Example, my registered name is Linda Laurie Noskiye, my drivers license only says Linda Noskiye, I will not be able to order my status card because my second name is not written anywhere on my driver’s licence.

Same thing applies to wrong birthdate or you go by your married name on your drivers license and still use your maiden name with Indigenous Services Canada. I will not be able to fill out your application because if your name doesn’t match.

I realize this is sort of a complicated process but please feel free to call me at the office and I will try my best to explain or I can check your registered name so you can check your photo identification to see if the names match.

Thank you,

Linda Noskiye

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