Services include the following:


Introducing PT Concrete to Peerless Trout Enterprises Inc.  Based in Alberta Canada and proudly serving projects at home and abroad, the PT Concrete team has over 15 years of concrete production experience. PT Concrete delivers a wide range of concrete designs to suit your construction needs. Our concrete production uses state of the art batching systems, which consists of a batch plant and a software automation program to deliver the highest quality of product every time.

Our concrete plant has the capacity to produce over 200 meters of concrete per hour, and is able to produce both hot and cold weather concrete.This allows us to provide a steady supply of concrete to ensure your construction site is as productive as possible.  This then enables you to meet construction deadlines, while getting the most out of your workforce and any hired equipment. PT Concrete always ensures that the concrete delivered is mixed to exact specification and quality required.

We pride ourselves in executing projects in a safe manner, staying on budget and meeting all time deadlines.

Sample Major Projects Includes: The Turks and Caicos Carnival Cruise Dock, Digicel Cell phone Tower, Grand Turk Hospital, Extension of the Edmonton International Airport, Anthony Henday Highway extension, Kaye Edmonton Clinic, Quesnell Bridge and Edmonton Expo Centre.


Logging services include: stump to roadside, harvesting, skidding, processing, in block road building, and reclamation. With experienced foreman, crews and staff, moderately new (up to date) fleet of equipment, the ability to operate year round, mobile camp (service trailers, fuel tanks etc.), self contained logging company, strong equipment maintenance partnerships, timber clearing for roads, oil leases and cut lines the forestry service line is to able to meet your needs. 

Civil Earthworks

Excavation: fully capable excavation and earth moving activities, including excavator work, back hoe work, bulldozer work, levelling and grading, and also dirt and aggregate hauling.

Lease and road building

Road maintenance: grading and snow clearing services. land clearing services, and site reclamation.     

Oilfield Services

Oilfield Services: road maintenance, vacuum truck service, equipment hauling services.


Consultation Services can provide: documentation reviews, office based audits, field audits, field inspections, Nation liaison services, Nation operational liaison services, Elder knowledge transfer services, traditional use consultation, and GIS -geographical information system.  


Firefighting services: provide fully provincially certified crew leaders and crew members. Fire Smart Crews: experienced in brushing, clearing, thinning, firefighting services, cat boss and sector boss crew leaders.  

List of Clients Includes:

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