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COVID-19 Update – May 14th

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Please see the following update:

 Provincial Health Orders – we must adhere to and
follow any Health Orders in place in regards to Business opening, large
gatherings etc., until such time when they are lifted by the Province

Emergency Food Services – This week and next week
will be the final weeks and no more further orders will be made. Any
non-perishable foods will be stored for any upcoming emergencies.
Curfew – will remain in place but
will change to 12:00 am to 6:00 am daily and will be monitored to see when
it can be removed

Self-isolation – will only be required
for those that have been in contact with someone with COVID 19 or show signs of
COVID 19. For those that leave the community we ask that they practice good
hygiene and follow AHS guidelines for handwashing, and proper social
distancing.  For any
residents that become positive for COVID 19 will need to quarantine for the
full 14 days and be in isolation.

Road Block/Check point – This will also be staged
– starting tomorrow morning at 8:00 am all PTFN members and residents that were
raised in the communities are allowed entry but are asked to limit visiting to
family, as much as possible. The road will be open 24 hrs a day, but the check
point will remain in place for contact tracing, those coming will need to
provide a name, and place of origin with phone number. As of Tuesday May 19th
the road will be open to non-residents but they will also need to stop at the
check point to provide information.

Administration/Health Offices will be open for ALL staff starting Tuesday
May 19th for regular hours. The office will remain closed to the Public
until Wednesday May 20th. This will give staff an opportunity to put safety
measures in place before opening to the Public. These safety measures include:
Placing appropriate signage for the public in regards to Saftey Health
measures, making sure that only a certain number of people are in the office at
a time, providing sanitizers at entrances etc. I will send out some material
for staff this weekend.

Jason Wigton

Band Manager

Emergency Management

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