Chief James Alook

James Alook has been the Chief of PTFN since its inception in 2010. He was raised in Peerless Lake. James is a family man, he and his wife have raised five children, three daughters and two sons.  He is also the proud grandfather to six granddaughters and one grandson. Chief Alook enjoys spending time with his family. He loves gardening and planting flowers for his grandchildren just to make them smile. James also enjoys visiting his mother. James has a good sense of humor and will always lighten the mood wherever he goes. One of his favourite parts of being Chief is interacting with the whole community. It is rewarding for him because he is able to see people and Elders who he has not seen in a while. James always makes an effort to involve the Elders in as much as possible because he knows how important they are to the community and its foundation.  It has always been his goal “to bring our First Nation to a level where it is self sustainable and not relying on government, and rich in its own resources. Our nation is rich in resources such as oil, lumber and tourism but the bottom line is self-sustainability so it can operate on its own. Developing PTFN’s own people to work and sustain PTFN is his major goal.

I would like to give my appreciation to all who I work with. The members, as well as, the professional advisors. I am proud of the commitment of our local band members working hard at their jobs and also learning new skills so they can give back even more to the community everyday.
— Chief James Alook

William Houle, Councillor


William has been on council since PTFN became recognized as a First Nation community in 2010. William resides in the community and is married with two children and five grandchildren. William spends the majority of his free time volunteering, and focuses his attention on the youth in his community. He has participated in sports all his life and has worked with a team form the community to set up a successful minor hockey organization at PTFN. William enjoys the successes of the hockey program so much, his only regret is not starting it sooner. William also is a board member on two boards, he is a director for Northland School Division and also for Northern Lakes College. He enjoys being a guest speaker to students delivering a message on the importance of education.  William says he was interested in being in Council so he could be part of the planning for building an arena or sportsplex for the community. He is passionate about the benefits of children having sports in their lives. He sees it working everyday and knows if they are exposed to different cultures at an early age they will look into post-secondary education. 

Gilbert Okemow, Councillor 

Gilbert first became elected as a councillor in 2012. He is councilor at Trout Lake and has lived in the community all his life. Along with being on council, Gilbert is passionate about being a Youth Pastor at the Peerless Faith Center. He also enjoys hunting and sports, he considers himself an outdoorsman. Gilbert is extremely kindhearted and compassionate person. He has a wife and two daughters. One of things Gilbert enjoys most about being on council is being around people and the members. He is a very honest person and likes to be open for their needs and listen to them. His goal is to be a leader and role model for the community. He wants to expand as a nation and bring in more for the people, creating opportunities and inspiring our youth and future generations to come. 

Grant Okemow, Councillor 


Grant Okemow is the newest councillor elected in 2014, represting the Trout Lake community. He is 21 years old and from Trout lake. Grant loves the community he was raised in "too much to ever leave" he says. Grant comes from a big family with six brothers and one sister. He ran for council to be a voice for his generation of young people at home, not just for Trout but also for Peerless as we are all one Nation. He would like to see the PTFN area up and running by the time his term is up. He also looks forward to the band office and says the blueprints are looking good. 

I will try my best to help my people in every way I can. I respect my people. “ long as the sun shines the grass grows and the waters flow…” Our Nation will stand strong.
— Grant

Judy Sinclair, Councillor


Judy was elected in October 2016. Judy was born and raised in the community of Trout Lake and is a proud mother of four grown children. Judy has been interested in being a member of council for several years. She was approached by Elders and community members to run in the October election. Her term will be a four-year period. Her main priority as a council member will be focused on gaining more knowledge on education and training programs for the youth in the community. She feels the development of the youth is the future of the community. She is a strong supporter of the Elders in her community and would like to see more involvement from the community Elders in decision-making processes.