Housing Programs & Services


  • 30 RENTAL HOMES - 26 Homes – 2 duplex homes

  • 8 mortgages (4 purchased from MD #17)

  • Rental rates range from $350.00 (duplex's) to $500.00/$600.00 monthly – depending on income.

  • Mortgages range from $300 - $600 a month, depending on amortization period.

  • Rental incentive – December rent free (Rentals only)



  • Lend money to members to renovate/repair their homes.

  • Approx 34 Renovations Loans issued to members.

  • The $400,000 budget was fully utilized. (Capital Agreement)

  • Successful applicants received max $25,000 loan

  • Applicants make monthly loan payments at 4% interest until loan is paid in full.

  • Flexible repayment terms. (10 year amortization period max)

  • Payments made go back into housing programs.


  • Created to assist C&C, Housing Dept.

  • Long term planning.

  • Appeals

  • Prioritize annual budgets.


  • Works the same as the Reno Program

  • Seniors would make monthly payments

  • Flexible repayment options



  • Funding provided by Community Trust.

  • $30.000 annually

  • 1 Grant per household.

  • $3000.00 limit.

  • Senior determines priority of renovation/repairs.

  • Overages eligible for Interest Free Loan - if needed.


  • Members must meet BMO lending criteria.

  • Qualified individuals obtain mortgage loan for new construction or Renovation Loan.

  • Chief & Council provide loan guarantee via BCR

  • No need for MLG


Gloria Okemow, Housing Director

Bio coming soon…

Oliver Okemow, Housing/Maintenance Coordinator, Public Works

Oliver.okemow@ptfn.net       1-833-869-7836                (780) 649-0114 (c)       

Oliver is a member of the community and was born and raised in Trout Lake.  He is responsible for public works within the community and is well known in the community for his carpentry skills and has been employed with the First Nation since August 2013. Oliver’s title in the community is the Housing/Maintenance Coordinator for PTFN. Maintenance on the rental units, office maintenance, health centre and the 29 units. 


Shannon Houle, Public Works and Housing Clerk

Shannon.houle@ptfn.net                             1-833-869-7836

Shannon has been in this position since March of 2015. She has been employed with the First Nation since February of 2014. Shannon is from Peerless and resides in the community. Shannon is in charge of administration for housing which includes of collection of rent and general information on housing. 







Chris Maracle, Housing Advisor

Chris Maracle is the former Director of Housing, Parks and Band property Maintenance for the Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte, which is located between Kingston and Toronto in South Eastern Ontario.

Chris formed an innovative team having built more than 70 R-2000 homes over the past 15 years. Their projects and programs have received 17 Provincial and National awards which include Canada's 2003 Affordable Housing Award, Canada's Energy Efficiency Awards and most recently the 2004 R-2000 Most Sustainable Design and the 2004 Canadian Cement Association Most Energy Efficient Home.

Chris was selected as the 2003 R-2000 Hall of Fame recipient in the Builder category for his efforts in leading the R-2000 program in Tyendinaga and the 2004 Time Canada Energy Efficiency Ambassador Award which recognizes groups or individuals who have made significant contributions to energy efficiency initiatives.

Chris is currently providing consulting and special advisory services to I.N.A.C. to promote market based housing and better housing management practices within First Nations communities.