Slave Lake Area Wildfire Update - 7:00 p.m. May 30

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An Alberta Emergency Alert has been issued for the mandatory evacuation of Chipewyan Lakes, the Hamlet of Wabasca and Bigstone Cree Nation. Click here to view the Alberta Emergency Alert.

An Alberta Emergency Information Alert has been issued for an immediate evacuation of Marten Beach. Visit for information. Lesser Slave Provincial Park is closed.

An Alberta Emergency Information Alert has been issued for Town of Slave Lake. Click here for information.

An Alberta Emergency Information Alert has been issued for Trout Lake Community. for information.


Wildfire Situation as of May 30th as of 7:00 pm

Mcmillan Wildfire Complex

Yesterday's fire behaviour on the Mcmillan Complex was extreme. A reprieve in temperature and relative humidity decreased wildfire behaviour today. 

SWF-049 and SWF-050 started on the afternoon of May 18th and are located along Highway 754.

SWF-049 experienced significant growth yesterday, and is estimated to be 133,952 hectares in size. It is classified as out of control.

The wildfire is approximately;

6.5 kilometres west of Wabasca No. 166B and 166D23 kilometres northeast of Marten Beach36 kilometres northeast of Slave Lake

SWF-050 did not grow and remains being held at 1,457 hectares.

SWF-069 (formerly Maria Lake Wildfire) experienced significant growth yesterday, and is estimated to be 45,845 hectares in size. It is classified as out of control. The west flank is located approximately 13.8 kilometres southeast of Trout Lake. This wildfire has joined the Mcmillan complex. Community Protection is being established. 

There are 293 firefighters and support staff, 34 helicopters, airtankers, and 51 pieces of heavy equipment fighting this wildfire.

Click here for the most recent map of these wildfires.

Wildfire danger

The wildfire danger remains EXTREME for the entire Slave Lake Forest Area. Strong gusty winds are expected. Under these dry and windy conditions a fire will ignite easily and spread quickly. Smoky conditions in the Slave Lake Forest Area will persist over the next several days. Click here to view the wildfire danger map.

Firefighters are urging everyone to use caution and report wildfires immediately by calling 310-FIRE or #FIRE on your cell phone.

A Fire Ban/OHV Restriction is in effect for the entire Slave Lake Forest Area. The goal of the ban and restriction is to reduce human caused wildfires which keeps our firefighters focused on the current wildfires and new wildfire starts. Firefighters thank you for your cooperation. 

To view a map of the fire ban/OHV restriction visit

To view a fact sheet on the OHV restriction click here

To view a fact sheet on the fire ban click here.

Smoky conditions

Smoke will continue to drift into the Slave Lake Forest Area over the next several days.

If you experience respiratory difficulties, visit Alberta Health Link or dial 811. Visit to view the most current smoke forecast.

Click here for Alberta Health Services Information about Wildfire Smoke.

Wildfire information

Download the free Alberta Wildfire app and click on the Slave Lake label to view the wildfire update for the Slave Lake Forest Area. To subscribe to the wildfire update click here, enter your email and choose instant. 

Slave Lake Forest Area wildfire stats

There were three new wildfires this morning east of the Maria Lake wildfire and one wildfire this evening. One is out of control and three are being held.

Since the start of the wildfire season on March 1st, there have been 80 wildfires and 181,886 hectares burned in the Slave Lake Forest Area. 

For information on the wildfire situation across the province of Alberta, visit:


For Friday the high will be 24 degrees and winds will be from the southeast 20 kilometres per hour. The southeast winds will clear the smoke temporarily.

On high alert

Fire lookouts are on high alert constantly watching for smoke and firefighters in helicopters, various pieces of heavy equipment and airtankers are ready to respond to any new wildfires that may start.


A fire ban and off-highway vehicle restriction is in effect for the entire Slave Lake Forest Area and other parts of Alberta. 

The Town of Slave Lake, Big Lakes County and Town of High Prairie have issued a fire ban and OHV restriction.

To view a map of the fire ban/OHV restriction area visit

To view a fact sheet on the OHV restriction click here

To view a fact sheet on the fire ban click here.


• All open fires including campfires in campgrounds, back country and random camping areas and backyard fire pits.

• Charcoal briquettes, turkey fryers and tiki torches.

• Fireworks and exploding targets.

• The use of off-highway vehicles for recreational use on all public lands.


• Portable propane fire pits that are CSA approved or UL certified.

• Gas or propane stoves and barbecues that are CSA approved or UL certified and are designed for cooking or heating.

• Catalytic or infrared-style heaters.

• OHVs for industrial use, agricultural use, and traditional use by Indigenous peoples, as well as use on private lands.

The Fire Ban and Off-Highway Vehicle Restriction will remain in effect until conditions improve.